I am passionate about design digital art and GUI elements. I could surf the web for hours, going through websites gazing upon media and audio players. The computer is the tool set of my craft, I create my digital designs from pixel to pixel using Illi himself, then integrating into Photoshop for the detailing and grooming of the design, ready for final presentation. My personal site is a collection of creative thinking, concepts and work that represents the inspiration of line art which I have planned strategically and cultivated to reach the final result. As I learn and absorb more about art techniques I continue to update my original designs adding sublimity. This path I chose to follow is infinite.

Design Strategy 

These are some prime examples of my design approach using the software abilities and personal techniques to produce the multimedia skins. Whether they are destined for an audio player or any particular function, line concept is always my guide to generate all the shapes within the software.

Furthermore once the basic line art is completed, I then integrate into Photoshop, and commence the structure and appearance of the skin. I can say its an endeavoring task to accomplish a realistic appearance to a multimedia skin. Each design varies from its final presentation, depending on the shapes and colour. But never discouraged with a skill set through out of the years of practice, each project has being tackled with strategy leading to a satisfactory result of ambiance.

A New Approach

Kattoo – 08 was a new approach to my skill path. For this project I ad brainstormed an audio skin which will be given an angled facade, but at the same time, taking into consideration the developers platform did not support 3D coding. Therefor it was a challenging personal project to achieve. Keeping the ambiance of the audio skin to black and electric blue, was my initial preference. Also I have not added an overbalancing shadow to the rear angle of the skin, in order for the skin not to lack GUI appearance.

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